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Become a Great Chef

We train the great chefs of tomorrow, by the greatest chefs of today

Theoretical classes

Learn like the great chefs do.
Understand the theory behind food.

Practical classes

Sharpen your skills with practical classes.

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Technical Knowledge

At Cookler our heart beats technology! We empower chefs through explaining the technical reactions that happens between ingredients. If you are looking for simple recipes to execute, then cookler is not the place for you. Cookler is for those who want to understand the science behind food.

Digital badge and a global certificate

Cookler issues to its students globally verifiable certificates. You don’t need to worry when you apply for a job the next time. Your employer can verify the authenticity of your certificate online.

A strong community of great chefs

By getting an admission to cookler, you can be sure that you will meet passionate students like you. You share the dream and the struggle to become great chef. Cookler will offer you the access to a large network of renowned French chefs too.

Access to fully equipped cooking lab

Cookler programs are online. But we understand the need to be in lab sometimes. The good news is that even if you study online, you can still reserve a training session in a cookler cooking lab. Ask us in the chat to inquire if there is a lab in your city or not yet.

Get recognized by grand chefs

You follow chefs and admire them? Tthanks to online technology cookler gives you the opportunity to study and get certified directly from your favorite chefs. Keep an eye on our courses, you might find your favorite chef soon!

Chef Benoît Morin - Michelin 3 stars

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for individuals

Apply here if you are an individual



Learn about a specific product and take your skills to the perfection

Access to theoretical courses

Practical Exercises

Understand food science

Get a certificate

One week online


One day in person


Specialty Training

one month program

Learn about multiple products in a single family and become a specialist

Access to theoretical courses

Practical Exercises

Understand food science

Get a certificate

One month online


One week in person



3-months program

Learn about several product families and become a master chef

Access to theoretical courses

Practical Exercises

Understand food science

Get a certificate

Three month online


One month in person

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Tools for great chefs

Open your Online restaurant (soon)

Cookler has a 1-click solution to open your restaurant online, start accepting orders to take away or delivery.

Find a job (soon)

Cookler certification gets you closer to landing your dream job but we do the extra mile to help you find available spots and get you in contact with restaurant owners.

Become a great chef

Cookler is an absolute game-changer in the world of culinary education! As an aspiring chef, I couldn't have asked for a better platform to learn French bakery.

Talal Bitar

Chef boulanger

Talal Bitar - Chef boulanger-transparent

One of Cookler's standout features is its arsenal of online tools that aspiring chefs can utilize throughout their career. From recipe libraries to technique tutorials, Cookler ensures that its students have everything they need to excel in the culinary world.

Jason Gabo

Chef pâtissier

What sets Cookler apart is its unparalleled access to a network of esteemed chefs in France. This unique opportunity allows students to learn from some of the best culinary minds in the industry and gain invaluable insights into French gastronomy.

Mays Ganim

Chef boulanger

If you're passionate about mastering French cooking, look no further than Cookler. With their top-notch education and support system, they are paving the way for aspiring chefs to achieve greatness.

Abdul-Razzaq Naser

Chef cuisinier


How do I sign up?

Click on sign up button at the upper right corner or just click here

Do I get a certificate?

Yes you will get a certificate issued by our institution.

Do you give a Diploma?

Yes, if you pass the institute's exam you will be awarded a certificate issued by Cookler with equivalent level to a French state national diploma CAP.

If you wish to get the French state CAP official diploma, you need to take the state exam individually and you will get the official French state CAP diploma. This exam is in French language. 

By whom is the certificate recognized?

Our institution is recognized by the French state as a center of training.

In which languages do you offer your courses?

English and Arabic.

How do you I book for an exam?

Contact us and we will book you an exam session at one of our exam centers.

How often do you make courses?

We have weekly, monthly and trainings every three months. Subscribe to our newsletter to get notified.

What is the proposed course format?

Online and in lab programs.  Online programs are pre-registered videos or live courses over zoom. For the in person programs contact us for more information.

Do I need to take an exam?

If you want to get certified you need to take an exam.

What is the advantage of online over physical courses?

In online courses you have some more flexibility in time, and you can watch again the classes in case you missed a point.

What does focus on technical knowledge mean?

It means we teach you the chemistry of ingredients. How do they behave and how to transform them. We focus on the technological knowledge rather than the execution of recipes.

How do you book a in-person course?

Contact your professors and book a time slot to practice directly with your trainer in our lab.

We send you the hottest culinary tips & guides to your inbox so you're always on the best-kept culinary secrets.