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Jeremy TouzletJeremy TouzletProfessor Chef / France

I thought that the blog was good, but the Newsletter even better!

Whether its about cooking, baking or making pastry, the savoire-faire transmitted in the Newsletter and the Cooking Classes is deep and exhaustive. Every article is made with excellence!

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NawafNawafSaudi Chef

Depth of information, Exactly what I needed!

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Is online cooking classes for you?

If you are a person with passion for cooking, signing up for an online course is for you.

At Cookler, we offer courses led by French top chefs who are making sure that every recipe you learn is perfect from the source.

Do we offer Free cooking classes?

Yes! Please Check Cookler Academy to access our free courses. You can access several free cooking courses about basics of cutting, basics of cooking, basics of making dough, basics of creams, basics of pastry and some general information about cooking tools.

What else do we offer?

We offer also online baking classes, Pastry classes and much more! All our baking techniques are inherited from the original French Boulangerie.

What type of Pastry do we teach you?

We follow Chefs’ recipes. Cookler is specialized in French Pastry. Here you will find tutorials to make Macarons, Eclaires. We also have tutorials to make viennoiserie including croissant, pain au chocolat and much more!

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